Watched the first part and a half of Video this video about the making of Uncharted. Here are some points about Naughty Dog in general:
Everyone manages. This way people are empowered and enthusiastic, and decisions are made by people invested in a feature.
Face-to-face Communication. Quicker, more personal, probably get better answers.
Short meetings. Get things done. Minimize bureaucracy.
Collaboration. Helps solve problems. Use people’s strengths.
Allocate work to those who are passionate about it. Take on any task you care about, even if if might fall outside your discipline.
Therefore Naughty Dog is a sort of Do-ocracy.
Can be a chaotic work environment, but that’s good.
Never make anything personal. Informal contract that we won’t get bent out of shape and that they’re all on the same team.
Hire as much of a perfect fit, both in skills and temperamental fit. They need people who can adapt to their often hectic environment.
Trust people to do what they are hired to do. Micromanagement is often the enemy of excellence.
Keep studio culture intact at all costs.
Rather than a rigid waterfall planning, game development is more like painting. Things can divert attention, and lead to better results. This can clash with shipping on time, finishing an engine, etc.
To alleviate this, set clear project goals at the beginning. When getting off course, look back at these.
“Method” Mark Cerny and Michael John. Preproduction is very different from production. Pre-production is where you’re searching for that Eureka moment about your project. It is a chaotic time where scheduling won’t work.
Pre-production should be done by the very best in the company.
I didn’t have time to finish watching, as there are 4 parts. Maybe I’ll do so later…