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Site Evolution

Pouring a quicheWhen we first started this blog, we wanted to share recipes with family and friends and maybe a few random people out in the blogosphere. But over the past few months, our goals for this site have evolved, mostly due to questions and suggestions from the very people this blog was designed to inspire. We realized that if we truly wanted to encourage people to cook from scratch more often, we needed to share more than just recipes. Now you will be able to find reviews of helpful kitchen tools, sample menus and (hopefully) everything else you will need to start feeling more confident in the kitchen.

We also wanted to share some of our cooking-related passions, like eating clean and eating local. That’s why we’ve started posting about our trips to the farmers’ market and some of our favourite local businesses and restaurants. And sometimes we might just share a personal story or two about the successes and challenges we face as we strive to meet these goals.

Basically, we realize that our blog is evolving into a place where you can find a recipe to help you throw together tonight’s dinner as well as a place to learn something new about healthy cooking and healthy eating. That being said, we’re still holding on to hope of our own cooking show. Or at least a deal for our own cookbook series.

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Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you. We started this blog to inspire others to learn to cook for themselves or to challenge themselves to cook at home more often. To be sure that we’re meeting that goal, we would really appreciate your feedback. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know. You can contact us through the following channels:

E-mail: j@justinliew.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Tonights-Dinner/126440207371613?ref=ts

About The Authors

The AuthorsJustin and Jessica are just a couple of cooking nerds in love. This blog is just one of their many cooking-related collaborations. When they’re not in the kitchen, they enjoy trying new restaurants, sampling BC wines and exploring the outdoors. They feel very fortunate to be living on the west coast where it is so easy to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and where there is such a variety of fresh ingredients available to inspire their cooking.

Their expanding family has made healthy, home-cooked food an even bigger priority for them. They hope to raise children with adventurous palates who are fearless in the kitchen.

Justin also keeps a personal blog while Jessica is currently a contributor to ActiveMama.

About Tonight’s Dinner

Whisking No one would give us our own cooking show, so we had to start a blog. It’s that simple.

We wanted a way to share what’s going on in our kitchen with family and friends. As we try new recipes and reinvent old favourites, we’ll post the results along with the original recipes and our reviews, and if something here inspires you, then you’ve got tonight’s dinner covered and we’ve done our job.

We really hope you will try out at least one of these meals because we believe that if you do, you’ll come to see things our way: it is possible for real families to enjoy delicious, healthy meals made from scratch every night of the week. And if seven nights a week sounds daunting, then start with one and build from there. Before you know it, you’ll be back here looking for breakfast and lunch ideas too.

You can also follow us on Facebook by becoming a fan of our page.  Who knows? If we get enough fans we might still end up with our own cooking show.