Picnic BabyRecently, Zayden’s appetite has increased exponentially. He’s crawling, pulling himself up on furniture and just generally burning more calories than ever. I thought the whole “eating us out of house and home” thing would start when he hit the teen years; apparently I was wrong. His usual breakfast used to be a bowl of oatmeal with half a banana. Now he also eats a generous handful of Cheerios and some other fruit. I’ve ordered items at restaurants thinking he’d like a few bites of what I was eating only to find myself ordering more because he ate more than half of my lunch after eating the food I’d brought for him to eat.

It’s getting difficult to prepare basics, like apple sauce, ahead of time. I used to make a batch of food and freeze it, and it would last for weeks. Now it’s gone after only a few days. We realize it is time to transition Zayden to more table food. This week was our first attempt to plan a menu with that in mind. Everything we eat for dinner this week will be what Zayden eats for dinner and/or lunch, and in some cases we won’t need to alter the consistency of the food at all in order for him to eat it.

Monday: Vegetarian Chili

Tuesday: Gazpacho

Wednesday: Lime-Marinated Steak and Grilled Zucchini

Thursday: Pasta with Fresh Greens

Friday: Creamy Vegetable Risotto